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Sashco Home Improvement Products


Andren's highly recommends Sashco products for professionals, experienced DIYers, or those who are just learning how to caulk. Sashco takes pride in building products that work, last, and outperform the competition. 

Not sure which sealant, caulk, or other product is right for your job? visit our store, call or check out the product catalog below. We’re here to help.


Looking to repair a cracked driveway, fix a leaky gutter, or recaulk your bathtub, we have the right Sashco caulking products for you.

Caulks & Sealants we primarily include:

  • Sashco's Big Stretch
  • Log Jam
  • Conceal
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We carry Sashco's full line of specialty log home finishing products for building, maintenance, and renovation needs.

Log products are mainly carry include:

  • Sashco Log & Timber
  • Sashco Capture/Cascade
  • Sashco Siding & Trim
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